At Part Precision, we handle the most challenging materials with precision and efficiency. Our skilled employees possess deep knowledge and experience in cutting-edge machining processes, making us an industry leader.

With innovative thinking we develop solutions that drive our industry forward. Our secure and reliable processes ensure that every detail meets the highest quality standards, regardless of complexity.

Welcome to discover our world-class machining capabilities.


Your reliable partner for precision products.

As a flexible and innovative supplier, we are an ideal partner for the manufacturing of medical technology and micromechanical precision products.

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Our key strengths include

  • Customized production plans and logistics solutions such as VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory).
  • Quality and competence – Certified quality systems, skilled personnel, and the ability to produce products with tight tolerances.
  • Innovative manufacturing – Technically advanced solutions and the capability to handle challenging materials and dimensions from 0.5 to 100mm.
  • Close customer collaboration – For optimizing design and manufacturing.
  • Complete supplier – Offering the entire chain from prototype to series production.

Cleaning and packaging

Validated cleaning process and packaging can be performed in a Class 8 cleanroom.

Our experienced technicians have developed cleaning and packaging procedures to minimize the risk of contamination. We can offer a cleaning and packaging process that meets the high standards of the industry.